York Eight Homework

 Mid-Term progress reports coming went home this week!

Get them signed and returned!

Learning Style Inventories for Impact Portfolio:

What’s your learning style? 20 Questions and Learning Style inventory- .pdf

Language Arts:

Storyboard & Scriptwriting Article

Storyboarding Steps

Storyboarding video for class


Weekly assignment: 70 minutes (10 minutes a day) of Aleks and 10 topics completed Sunday-Sunday.

Practice for Final Exam pages 1-4 due Monday 5/8/17

Related Arts:

Students are now in Mr. Goodwin’s Educational Technology class!  Students will be having a field trip to University of Maine Orono on 5/19!


HW- all classes TODAY Wednesday May 17:  3-2-1 6° Could Change the World:   Include: Full heading (Name, date, seq), Font size: 12-13, 1.2 Spacing. Staple final product to purple notecatcher

Solutions:  it’s a global effort, AND an expedition! Check out this site:Present and Future Solutions

Stop feeling powerless:  Take Action!  Learn More about what YOU can do to fight climate Change: Young voices on climate change

Find out!  Maps of Maine Communities impacted by sea level rise: MAPsPortland’s Back Cove

Wondering how much hotter the planet has gotten since 1951? Explore NASA’s Global Climate Change website: NASA’s Earth’s Vital Signs

Current News from the Weather Channel on Global Weather: Weather Channel- Climate and Weather

Check your grade book for missing items.

Re-watch   Keeling’s Curve- the Story of CO2,  the 3.30 minute video from Mr. Goodwin’s explaining the discovery of the rising CO2 levels by American scientist Charles Keeling in 1958.

For Fun and KNOWLEDGE:  Link to Electromagnetic Spectrum:  Electromagnetic Spectrum

Social Studies:

*Students should have 10 to 15 noodle tool cards for each energy source they debate against.  Mr. Clifford will be checking Noodle Tool cards again on 5/17!

Vocabulary Quiz C is on 5/25/17


BY end of class Tuesday May 23, pronunciation of “Latnoamerica” and research on song due

For Friday, March 17: Final draft of artist paragraph (in Spanish)  AND artist statement (in English)

Websites for choosing/researching Hispanic artists:

Latin American Artists