York Eight Homework

 Language Arts

Hand in your book club journals no later than 12/12/17 (when you will also return your library book) – Exceeds projects due no later than 12/12 also.

Writing process:
Step 1- Finish all grammar edits and body paragraphs tonight – Tuesday
Step 2 – Edit again, PLUS add suave transition words and bold your thesis and topic sentences. -due Thursday (Monday for sequence 2)
Step 3 – Develop at least 3 pieces of evidence for each body paragraph (at least one needs to be a direct quotation with an embedded citation) – due on final draft day 12/12/17

Extra credit writing contest: http://eco-fiction.com/contest/


We are working on linear equations and slope intercept form. Projects are due Monday, Nov. 6. All students should complete Lab 1 and 2 and attempt Lab 3.

Students also should complete one hour of ALEKS due Nov. 10.
See the instructor if you have forgotten your password.

Related Arts:

go to Mr. Goodwin’s Google Classroom

Physical Science:

11/01/17–Temperature and Heat:  Read text handout pages 158-160. Underline Vocabulary terms for HEAT, THERMAL ENERGY, TEMPERATURE. s3, s4: Complete worksheet, and answer Q 1,2,3,5 page 163. Use complete sentences.

Carbon Cycle Gizmo Packet now overdue. Get it done. See Ms. Peñalver if you need help.

All sequences, due by November 30th:   ECOMAINE NOTEPAGE AND ANALYSIS – from Nov 17th presentation, answer the question, How does converting Waste to Energy help meet the challenges of a warming planet? Use complete sentences and your notes as evidence.

Social Studies:

Vocabulary List One Summative Assessment 11/27/17 – Lists can be found on eBackpack.  Practice / Quizlet link below

Debate Two (Summative) 11/28

Vocabulary Quiz List Two 12/5/17

Vocabulary Quiz List Three 12/13/17

Vocabulary Quiz List Four 12/21/17

Important Links for social studies:

Find assignments at: eBackpack
Practice for your vocabulary quizzes at: All Quizlet Vocabulary Quizzes 
Edit your writing at:  Grammarly 

Expedition Approved Sources:

Energy Kids

US Department of Energy

National Renewable Energy Laboratory 


Union of Concerned Scientists

National Geographic


Gale Library      Password: kingms

Energy Videos for SS: