York Eight Homework Page

 Language Arts:

Book Club books and journals should be finished.

Essay writing schedule:

~~Intro & Body Paragraphs due Thursday 5/24

~~Rough draft due for editing circle 5/29

~~Final drafts due Wednesday  5/30/2018

Math updated:  

Students are working with partners on projects for our new expedition. Our expedition is on the four freedoms and we are exploring Freedom From Want. The math project involves finding as many statistics or social indicators as they can to measure progress on topics such as: Population Growth, Poverty, Hunger, Life Expectancy etc. Students and their partners will produce a poster demonstrating how progress is shown on this topic, graphs and key findings. This project will meet the learning target of determining if a mathematical relationship exists between two variables. Students will do an oral presentation which is due this Friday! 5/11

This week we are doing NWEA testing on Wednesday and Thursday.

Please check your grades on infinite campus to see if you are missing any work or have a low ALEKS grade. Grades can be brought up by making revisions or doing extra work. Please see the instructor if you wish to bring up a grade. The next due date for ALEKS is Friday, May 18.

Extension students are finishing a unit on factoring and exponential functions. They also have some continuing classwork on multiplying and dividing rational numbers factoring and the FOIL method. The remainder of the year will focus on preparation for AMP 9 at the high school.

Physical Science

NOTE:   Check your Google Classroom g-mail for a note from Ms P

Due this week* – email your Practice collage in .pdf form to penalm@portlandschools.org      

Label your Collage file with: (your last name)Plastic Bottle collage, sequence    Hand in the peer assessed / self assessed rubric separately by the same time and date.

Past, but still Due this trimester

TUES May 8, 2018-     Dry Ice Observations: both sides of the lab page, “As if Seeing it for the First Time” and “Comparing Substances”

Wed. May 2, 2018   “TAPPED” 4-3-2-1  notecatcher and summary, typed up. Was due by

also…Have you handed in the work below?

Running the Race:  data table and complete sentence responses, supported by data from the table. Respond to or follow instructions for Q5, 7 & 8 (all parts)

Tuesday 4/3/18    Sled Wars (with complete sentence answers for highlighted questions)

 Social Studies

What’s Due: 

Four freedom topics are due Monday 5/14/18.  Each students topic is their “specific political message” that they will be the basis for their collage and collage essay.

Tinker vs. Des Moines Questions & Peer Edit Sheets are due Thursday 5/17 – questions and article are on eBackpack and have been reviewed in class.

Tinker vs. Des Moines Sum it Up Activity & Peer Edit Sheets are due Thursday 5/17 – questions and article are on eBackpack and have been reviewed in class.

Vocabulary Quiz 6 5/22/18 (Tuesday)

Noodle Tools Research for Specific Political Message – students must start a new Noodle Tool Project.  Students must research their topic and create a minimum of 10 Noodle Tool cards and 4 approved sources by 6/8.  TAGS are as follows: Cause, Effect, Statistical, Political, and Opinion.  Students can create one Tag Category of their own as well if needed.

Vocabulary lists and all support materials can be found on eBackpack.  Practice / Quizlet link below – All vocal quizzes must be made up before the next vocabulary quiz.

Important links for social studies:

Find assignments at: eBackpack

Check grades at:  Infinite Campus
Practice for your vocabulary quizzes at: All Quizlet Vocabulary Quizzes 

Practice for the vocabulary exit exam!  Exit Exam Quizlet Link

Edit your writing at:  Grammarly 

Research Approved Sources – please check with Mr. Clifford if you have suggestions, questions, or you would like to use another source:


Southern Law and Poverty Center




Gale Library      Password: kingms
Wikipedia – background information only.
PBS History Detectives