York Eight Homework

York Eight Culminating Event is on 6/13/17 at USM’s Abromson Center from 10:30 until 12:30!  ALL OUR WELCOME!!!!

Request a song for the dance: http://kingmiddlesoundsystem.blogspot.com/

Language Arts:

Storyboard & Scriptwriting Article

Storyboarding Steps

Storyboarding video for class


Weekly assignment: 70 minutes (10 minutes a day) of Aleks and 10 topics completed Sunday-Sunday.

Double sided pattern worksheet: due 6/16 at the beginning of class

Algebra 1- Final Practice Exam: due 6/16 at the beginning of class

Please come see me before the due date if you need help on any of these.

Related Arts:

Students are now in Mr. Goodwin’s Educational Technology class!  Students will be having a field trip to University of Maine Orono on 5/19!


In class Thursday 6/8:  Create a word cloud using your Tech Ed letters to the editors, the paragraph from 6 degrees Could Change the World and your  Sustainable KMS paragraph of recommendations!  See which words you’ve used most often in this expedition!  Go to  Word Clouds.

Ethan Strimling, Portland’s Mayor, has signed on:  Mayors for 100% clean energy

Solutions:  it’s a global effort, AND an expedition! Check out this site:Present and Future Solutions

Stop feeling powerless:  Take Action!  Learn More about what YOU can do to fight climate Change: Young voices on climate change

Find out!  Maps of Maine Communities impacted by sea level rise: MAPs,   Portland’s Back Cove

Wondering how much hotter the planet has gotten since 1951? Explore NASA’s Global Climate Change website: NASA’s Earth’s Vital Signs

Current News from the Weather Channel on Global Weather: Weather Channel- Climate and Weather

Check your grade book for missing items.

Re-watch   Keeling’s Curve- the Story of CO2,  the 3.30 minute video from Mr. Goodwin’s explaining the discovery of the rising CO2 levels by American scientist Charles Keeling in 1958.

For Fun and KNOWLEDGE:  Link to Electromagnetic Spectrum:  Electromagnetic Spectrum

Social Studies:

*Students should have 10 to 15 noodle tool cards for each energy source they debate against.  Mr. Clifford will be checking Noodle Tool cards again on 5/17!

Vocabulary Quiz C is on 5/25/17


BY end of class Tuesday May 23, pronunciation of “Latnoamerica” and research on song due

For Friday, March 17: Final draft of artist paragraph (in Spanish)  AND artist statement (in English)

Websites for choosing/researching Hispanic artists:

Latin American Artists