York Eight Homework Page

Have you:

Cleaned out your locker?

Cleaned out your class folders?

Returned all of your books?

Language Arts:


Math updated:  5/30/18

The students have just completed NWEA tests and spring projects. We are working on Impact portfolio’s and collages. In addition, we will be completing units on congruence, volume and statistics in the closing weeks.

Please check your grades on infinite campus to see if you are missing any work or have a low ALEKS grade. Grades can be brought up by making revisions or doing extra work. Please see the instructor if you wish to bring up a grade. The next due date for ALEKS is Friday, June 8.

Extension students are finishing a unit on factoring and exponential functions. They also have some continuing classwork on multiplying and dividing rational numbers factoring and the FOIL method. The remainder of the year will focus on preparation for AMP 9 at the high school.

Physical Science 

Past, but still Due 

Monthly Metric Measure graph & answers to Analysis questions. Hand in with rubric  and your data page from the year.

Social Studies

What’s Due: 

Please clean out your class folder and return any books you borrowed from my class…

Returned all of your books?

Important links for social studies:

Find assignments at: eBackpack

Check grades at:  Infinite Campus
Practice for your vocabulary quizzes at: All Quizlet Vocabulary Quizzes 

Practice for the vocabulary exit exam!  Exit Exam Quizlet Link

Edit your writing at:  Grammarly 

Research Approved Sources – please check with Mr. Clifford if you have suggestions, questions, or you would like to use another source:


Southern Law and Poverty Center




Gale Library      Password: kingms
Wikipedia – background information only.
PBS History Detectives