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Report Cards went home this week (12/10/18)

Language Arts:

Complex reading packet for Us and Them due Thursday.

Math :

Google Classroom code:  g4426j4 . 

Open Up Math is online.

Khan Academy. Illustrative Math is aligned with Open Up.

12/10  Unit 2  pg. 17,18 .     12/11 .pg. 23 .   12/12  p 26     12/13 p. 29 .

Physical Science: 

Now Overdue:  MAKING STUFF COLDER 4-3-2-1 notes and TYPED summary

REWATCH VIDEO here : Making Stuff…Colder (PBS)

Due Thursday 12/20 for all sequences – “Chemical Changes” Gizmo 

Link to siteGizmo login

Chemical Changes Quizlet     VOCABULARY Quiz1 on 12/20: You will get the definitions, and You write down the term

SCIENCE VIDEO LINKS for reference after Winter Break (not due yet -December 2018):

Episode 1: it’s all about Carbon

Episode 2: It’s all about Carbon

Episode 3: It’s all about Carbon (bonds)

Episode 4: It’s all about Carbon

Episode 5: It’s all about Carbon (what can we do?)

Social Studies:

Noodle Tools Research cards (10 to 15 cards and a minimum of 3 sources) due 12/6/18

Summative vocabulary quiz list 1 12/18/18 – list 1 can be found in Google classroom.

Will the Real Christopher Columbus Please Step Forward?  Questions, six noodle tool cards, and two sources are due 12/18/18.  Print paragraph and attach to Venn Diagram.  Mr. Clifford will check noodle tool cards and sources in class. 

All assignments must include a filled out peer (parents are encouraged to edit as well) edit sheet to receive full credit…

Important links for social studies:

Check grades at:  Infinite Campus

Mr. Clifford’s Google Classroom

Quizlet  – Court Terms

Practice for your vocabulary quizzes at: All Quizlet Vocabulary Quizzes 

Practice for the vocabulary exit exam!  Exit Exam Quizlet Link

Edit your writing at:  Grammarly 

Research Approved Sources 



Southern Law and Poverty Center


Gale Library      Password: kingms

PBS History Detectives