Matinicus Homework Page 2019 / 2020

*Happy 2020!

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Language Arts:  

•Read chapter 2 and 3 of The Giver.  Pay close attention to the character Jonas. Complete the characterization work filling in character traits about Jonas.  Create a drawing of Jonas on what he looks like. Use evidence from the text to support your drawing.

Read Chapter 4

The audio of The Giver is on youtube—

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Kahn Academy Assignments &  Blue book

Physical Science: 

Old Business – yet still DUE by Thurs 1/16  Energy Skate Park Simulationr   Complete the packet as you modify the virtual skate park and observe the relationship between Potential & Kinetic energy, heat and friction. This Skatepark Link can be copied into your Google Doc if you would rather type up your answers.)

Reading & Constructing Data Tables Due Thursday 1/9/20. 

1/2/20 – Great Graphs Helicopter mini lab Activity (in class, Thurs)  & Data handout page DUE DATE: Friday 1/3/20 (C,D,E) Monday 1/6 (A)   Mini lab Makeup day – 2:30 Monday power hour


Energy-Related links, for reference purposes when needed:

Types of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiant energy)

Take the Climate Change Quiz

100 Climate Change Solutions: Drawdown

Types of Energy in the Universe quizlet.

Click here for link to King’s Solar panels

50 Climate Activists

Our Future is What We are Fighting For Students explain why they’re taking action for the environment  (March 13, 2019)

Social Studies:

Young People’s Chapter Two Quiz 1/23/20 

Vocabulary Quiz List 1: 1/21/2020 – New Date

Important links for social studies:

Audio of A Young People’s History of the United States

Practice for your vocabulary quizzes at: All Quizlet Vocabulary Quizzes 

Vocabulary List / Lista de vocabulário / Lista de vocabulario 

Practice for the vocabulary exit exam!  Exit Exam Quizlet Link

Edit your writing at:  Grammarly 

Quizlet  – Court Terms